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Hello from Evie!

Jack Plotnick here  : )

Well, I’m thrilled that this is actually going to happen.  I truly thought there was no WAY we’d be able to afford to do a “Girls” sequel.  Thanks again to everyone who donated!!!

So, I woke up at 5 am yesterday with my mind racing!  All of a sudden I realized, “Holy shit!  If this is really happening…we gotta MAKE it happen!”
There is NO crew.  And no budget for one.
No one is building the sets.  No one is buying my costumes.  No one is keeping Richard sober (kidding).  I gotta do all that!
Memories of the first “Girls” shoot were flooding my brain.
-Tying wood panels that are larger than my car to the roof of my car.  Sure that at any second they would fly off and kill the drivers behind me.  
-Living with nothing but a single chair in my apartment, because all my furniture had become set dressing.
-Throwing out my back AND breaking my finger while lifting furniture out of a truck… three days before we began shooting!

…Oh god, am I ready for this again?

Sure…why the hell not?  Ha!

Richard has wisely decided to NOT destroy his house this go around and I concur.  That means we won’t be painting any of his walls.  But, he wants this movie to be as colorful as the first.  …Curtains and set dressing will have to provide the pizzazz.
Michael Warwick and I went downtown and scoured the fabric stores for just the right material to make all the curtains…at $3 or less a yard!  If we went over budget, it would be taken out of something else, and Varla might not get fed her daily 2 tons of krill.
It was exhausting but exciting, like a treasure hunt, and in the end I LOVED what we found.  (And we were only yelled at by one shopkeeper, “I’ve already brought it down from $5!  Take it at $3 or GET OUT!”)

As far as set dressing goes…that’s where maybe YOU come in, Dear Reader.
If you have some fun stuff that you think would fit into Evie’s home, and you care to share it with us for a few days, we would be eternally grateful!
We are looking for anything kitschy, over the top, perhaps dated from the 60’s-80’s.  Anything!  Whether it be a vase, telephone, sculptor, pillow, piece of furniture or ashtray.  The accent colors we are working with are red, turquoise, pink, white, purple, silver, metallic, lucite…or we’ll take anything fun!
We are also in need of 5 or 6 dining room chairs that would match the colors of a sunset (wood, yellow, orange, purple etc.)
If you have something and are open to us borrowing it for a few days please contact me at my email address:

Also, we are looking for people who might want to work on the set as…well…anything!  PA, set dresser, boom operator…fluffer.  Tee hee.
If you have any interest to help out on the set, even just for a day, PLEASE contact me.  If you’re there for more than a day, I’m sure you would get a credit in the movie.  Cool, huh!  The shoot dates are tentatively Jan 31st- Feb 21st.

Well, my next thing to tackle is Evie’s wardrobe.  If you see me at your local used clothing store, do me a favor and ZIP ME UP!


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